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3 Cheers for our Catering Crew

How good are Thursday nights?!!  For many of us, it’s our favourite night as we take the night off cooking and indulge in the fabulous cuisines served up by our amazing catering crew.  Lead by our hard working and dedicated queens Peta Russo and Kerry Regho, they couldn’t do it all without the unwavering commitment of Col & Pauline Trease who are right there behind them.  The number of hours these four alone have committed to volunteering over the years would astound most! 


Thursday night outdoor dinners, Bec Newbery, Ted and Lisa Baker join the crew and indoor nights we have Bec Newbery and Kell Salter stepping in to help out with making sure our taste buds are tingling. The commitment of volunteers who no longer have direct family members in the club speaks volumes about their passion for our community. The success of these dinners is a result of countless hours of volunteer work, a labour of love that extends far beyond the visible service hours. It's the unseen tasks that often go unnoticed, like the early arrival to set up, the careful preparation of each meal, and the late hours spent ensuring everything is left clean and orderly. This dedication is what makes the club more than just a place to dine; it becomes a home away from home, a hub of activity where friendships are formed and strengthened over shared meals.


Home games, Pete's meticulous planning, from calculating food quantities to undertaking deliveries, sets the stage for a successful game day. With the ovens preheated and the steamer bubbling by dawn, the canteen becomes a hub of activity, where you’ll find Kerry, Col, and Pauline throughout the entire day! They obviously couldn’t do it all on their own and we thank everyone who has been rostered on and taken their turn in the canteen on Saturdays. The team always make everyone feel welcome and supported and we thank each and every one of you for playing your part. Kerry takes great pride in ensuring our canteen provides delicious homemade soups and afternoon tea.  A massive thank you to Kerry, Kirsty Hodgkin and Sallianne John who all bake yummy treats every home game and to those who have volunteered to whip up large batches of soup.


Pete’s unwavering dedication extends beyond training nights and gameday, with Sunday stocktakes and cleaning, and weekday planning and preparing all to guarantee the canteen's reputation as the best around. The catering crews efforts create more than just delicious food; they foster a sense of community and camaraderie.


For those with an interest in hospitality or catering, joining this extraordinary team offers a chance to contribute to the spirit of the game days, whether through busy shifts or donating homemade delights. It's a call to be part of something bigger, to support and enhance the experience for everyone involved and our visiting neighbours.

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