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Welcome to
Katunga FNC

The Katunga Football Netball Club is an Australian Rules Football and Netball club affiliated with the Picola and District Football Netball League. 

About KNFC

The Katunga Football Netball Club, nicknamed the Swans, is an Australian rules football and netball club affiliated with the Picola and District Football Netball League.  Joining the league in 1950 the Swans have called the league its home ever since.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive family club comprising of five football and eight netball teams as well as providing Auskick and NetSetGo programs.

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Club History

The history of the Katunga Football Club is very vague prior to World War II, but speculation has the club commencing in 1892 and winning a premiership flag in 1895.  References are made in diaries up to about 1920, but from then on the details are unclear and apparently the club disbanded sometime after that and reformed in 1950.

The jumpers were black and white hoops, with similar socks. White knicks were worn at away games and black knicks at home games.  The dressing room was only a tin shed and the ground virtually a paddock with goal posts at either end.

In 1956 the club moved to the Recreation Reserve where the ground was as big as the MCG.  Temporary changing rooms were erected with showers added in 1959.  Also, a time-keepers box and scoreboard were built and the wooden goals posts replaced with pipe ones.

The Katunga Netball Club was formed in 1957 and had enough players to field one ‘Basketball’ team which was played on a dirt court.  Originally the colours were black and white.  

In 1961 a big change occurred with the replacement of the black and white to the current colours of today being white and red.
In 1972 the name was changed from Basketball to Netball to stop confusion with Olympic Rules.  With the change of name also come the double umpiring in 1973, with each team playing providing an umpire.

2014 saw the amalgamation of the Football and Netball Club to Katunga Football Netball Club Inc. as we know it today.

Additional teams have been gradually added over the years which now sees the club competing in five football grades (two senior and three junior), eight netball grades (four senior and four junior), as well as providing Auskick and NetSetGo.

Why Join
Katunga FNC?

As a club, whilst we will always strive to be successful, equally as important is ensuring that all our members have a sense of belonging and feel both respected and valued.  We aim to have all facets of our club working together with a shared vision promoting family, equality, participation, and fairness, in a safe, friendly environment. Success at both an individual and club level will only come if everyone associated with the club works together and gives their best, both on match days and on the training track. 

While success for community sporting clubs should not be judged solely on their win-loss record, a committed and focused approach is crucial to our season. 

With 8 netball and 5 football teams, our coaches put in a significant amount of time with training and game day preparation, supporting the development of all players and ensuring player safety and welfare is at the centre of everything that they do. 

Volunteers are the life blood of small community groups; this club certainly could not function without them. Active support by all of our members and the broader community for Katunga Football Netball Club is a vital ingredient of our viability. 

In part our Mission Statement reads … Katunga Football Netball Club aim to be respected for the people we are, well before the results we achieve … with this at the forefront our thinking and our actions, we aim to have every season one that is enjoyable and successful for all. 

With a friendly and welcoming community within the club, we hope all at club get involved and gain far more than they give.  

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Our Purpose

We aspire to be a leading community sporting club; a club people can be proud of because of how we play the game, live our values, conduct business, and enrich the lives of all those who are part of our broader community.

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