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Belong to a club that is driven by hard work, positivity, and community.

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As a club, whilst we will always strive to be successful, equally as important is ensuring that all our members have a sense of belonging and feel both respected and valued.  


We aim to have all facets of our club working together with a shared vision promoting family, equality, participation, and fairness, in a safe, friendly environment.


Katunga FNC believes success at both an individual and club level will only come if everyone associated with the club works together and gives their best, both on match days and on the training track. 

With a friendly and welcoming community within the club, we hope all at club get involved and gain far more than they give.  

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Meet The Coaches

Coach Photo
Coach Name
Seniors Co-Coach
Nick Flanagan
0407 689 126
Seniors Co-Coach
Brad Crowther
0408 550 469
Reserves Co-Coach
Tom Van de Berg
0408 102 407
Reserves Co-Coach
Rob Harris
0400 094 562
Thirds Coach
Xavier Thorp
0438 844 334
Thirds Assistant Coach
Bailey Smith
0499 821 521
Fourths Coach
Ross ‘Barney’ Garner
Fifths Co-Coach
Daniel ‘Chunk’ Henderson
0439 956 538
Fifths Co-Coach
Michael Boase
0448 040 995
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