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Registration Terms and Conditions

Belong to a club that is driven by hard work, positivity, and community.


As a club we are run solely by volunteers. It involves a tremendous amount of pre-planning and work, both before the season starts and on match days.  As in past seasons we require your assistance on a roster basis to spread the workload and enable us all the opportunity to see our family members participate on match days and we expect that everyone takes their turn when asked to do something. Each week we need 60 volunteers just to get all teams out on the field/court and on home games we need an additional 30+ people to run the gate, canteen, bar, bbq and set up/clean, not to mention all the coaches, assistants and team managers.  Many of these duties are performed by the same people week in and week out so it really is vital that you play your part.  As a club we have a policy in place that should rostered duties not be undertaken, or a replacement found, a fine will be issued and/or a game suspension considered.  We understand that this may seem harsh but it’s important to remember that if your position is not filled someone else has to step in, remember many hands make light work. 

All players/parents will be rostered on to be in the canteen, bar, on the gate, clean up and/or umpire.  Where ever possible requests will be respected when we compile our rosters, some changes however may be necessary.  Additional rosters for scoring/timekeeping, boundary umpires, water boys etc. will also distributed by team managers.  We ask that if on any occasion you find yourself rostered onto the canteen, gate and bar at the same time you’ve been rostered to a grade roster for scoring/timekeeping etc. that you fulfil your canteen, gate or bar roster and swap the scoring/timekeeping with someone else for your team for an alternative week.

Parent Members

To ensure the club has your full support it is a requirement that all junior players have at least one parent as a financial member of the club.  This membership also entitles that named holder to admission of all home games and is not transferable.  If two parents are attending both parents should purchase a membership or pay when entering home games.

Compulsory Home Game Draw Ticket

The Compulsory Home Game Draw raffle has replaced the club fees which go towards the expenses of running the club such as electricity, insurance, rates, courts, cleaning, uniforms, laundering, trophies etc. which equate to tens of thousands of dollars.  So instead of paying an added club fee to contribute to the purchase of these items the compulsory purchase of this raffle ticket helps to cover these costs. The benefit being that it puts you in the running to make some money as well! 

Winners are drawn every Thursday night before a home game (you don’t have to be present to win and all winners go back into the draw for all future weeks draws) with the prizes being:-

First Prize:- $300                    Second Prize:- $150             Third Prize:- $100


The Major Prize will be drawn on the final home game:-

First Prize:- $1,500                 Second Prize:- $500             Third Prize:- $250

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is to protect and strengthen the reputation of the Katunga Football Netball Club, by establishing a standard of performance, behaviour and professionalism for its Committee, Coaches, Players & Members. The Code of Conduct is the expected behaviour of all individuals involved at KFNC and its principles are expected to be always adhered to.


When Representing the Club

When representing the KFNC you are expected to behave in a manner that upholds the reputation of this club. You are representing the KFNC when you are in the following situations:

  • When dressed in club attire or in anything that links you to the club, includes on field and off field apparel

  • When you are inside the club premises.

  • As any part of any representative team player, coach or official

  • When you are supporting the club at any home and away or finals fixture

  • When attending any function on behalf of the club

  • When conducting any fundraising activities on behalf of the club

  • When you are at any event organised by the Club or the Picola District Football Netball league (PDFNL)


​They will:

  • Play by the rules (policies) of the Club and the laws of the game.

  • Attend all training sessions, matches and functions advised by the Club. If unable to attend, the relevant personnel are to be notified as early as possible.

  • Respecting the rights, dignity and worth of others. Treat all players as you would like to be treated.

  • Be responsible for your own actions. Always ensure that your behaviour is fair.

  • Be a responsible team member.

  • Cooperate with coaches, team managers, trainers and committee at all times.

  • Never argue with an official of the Club, opposing Club or League. Disagreements are to be directed to the club executive as soon as possible.

  • Be respectful towards match officials, opposition players and volunteers at all times.

  • Do not behave in a manner that would bring the club into disrepute or breach of any regulatory or legislative requirements - abusive language, racial or religious vilification, harassment, bullying or discrimination will not be tolerated.

  • Be respectful of our communities

  • Respect the equipment and facilities of our Club and that of opposing Clubs.

  • Wear appropriate clothing when inside the Clubrooms.

  • Not make any detrimental statements regarding the Club in any forum (including public, social medial, any other media).

  • Not post offensive, disrespectful and degrading comments and/or images on Social Media.

  • Undertake your rostered duties as required.

Be mindful and respectful when taking photographs or recordings in any of the changerooms, especially when there are junior players/people involved. Tere may be some members of the club that do not want their photo or a video of them taken.

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