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Katunga Football Netball Club
Child Safe Standards

Child safety and wellbeing is a key priority of the Katunga Football Netball Club and we hereby declare our commitment to creating an environment that is safe and welcoming for all children and young people to participate in Football and Netball.

To achieve this, our Club is committed to implementing the Victorian Child Safe Standards through our Commitment Statement on Child Safety, relevant Child Safety & Wellbeing Polices, Code of Conduct, Complaints and Reporting processes.

Our Mission.

Katunga Football Netball Club aim to be respected for the people we are, well before the results we achieve. With this at the forefront our thinking and our actions, we aim to have every season one that is enjoyable and successful for all. 
With a friendly and welcoming community within the club, we hope all at club get involved and gain far more than they give.  

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