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150 Club Games

Congratulations to Rache Crowther who takes the court for her 150th club game against Tungamah. If you have had the pleasure of watching Rache play, or even more so, played along side her you would know what a weapon she is. Passionate and determined are two things that come to mind when describing Rache, her attack on the ball and agility make it very hard for her opponents to have an impact in the game. Rache has won numerous club Best and Fairest awards, proof just how valuable a player she is and in 2021 she ended the season on a high taking out the A Grade PDFNL League and Club Best and Fairest awards. 2022 baby girl Milla arrived into the Crowther family, so to say she is keen for a big 2023 season is an understatement!! Congratulations Rache, we look forward to having you back out on the court!

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