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100 First XVIII Games

Xavier Thorp is one out of the box! Today young Stringer reaches an impressive milestone of 100 senior games, showcasing the type of person and player that football clubs greatly value. Possessing a club-first mentality and exceptional leadership qualities, he consistently steps up to contribute in various capacities, whether it be on the committee, as a coach, or as a player. Thorp takes pride in representing the club, particularly as the senior captain, displaying rare and authentic leadership attributes. He also coaches the U17 team, earning their admiration and respect as well as developing them as players and future leaders. A role model for younger players, Stringer is known for his skill on the field, characterized by his ability to break lines with his long strides, accurate kicking, and disciplined defensive capabilities .

As Thorp celebrates this significant achievement of his 100th Senior game for the Swans, his selfless nature and team-oriented mindset are emphasized. While I’m sure he may prefer minimal recognition, his teammates are encouraged to go the extra mile this weekend to make this milestone memorable. The KFNC extends their congratulations to Xavier on this occasion and looks forward to many more successful games ahead.

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