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Strategic Planning Survey - We want your feedback!

As a club, whilst we will always strive to be successful, equally as important is ensuring that members have a sense of belonging and feel both respected and valued. We aim for all facets of our club to combine together to achieve our shared vision promoting family, equality, participation, and fairness, in a safe, friendly environment.

To ensure we remain true to our purpose and that our club is sustainable both now and into the future, it is important that we know what we want to achieve as a club, whilst looking at the things we do well and building on them, and the areas we could improve.

One way for us to do this is through strategic planning, by identiifying and setting a plan for what we see as important focus areas for the next 3-5 years. To help support this process, we are seeking feedback from our members and the broader community.

Once the information has been gathered, a strategic planning session will be scheduled to help shape our plan.

We would love for you to take the time to fill in this survey and provide any other feedback you would like to regarding the current and future direction of our great club.

Click here to share your feedback now.

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