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PDFNL Rising Stars

Lachie O’Hara has been awarded the PDFNL Rising Star Overall winner for 2022, with Bailey Smith also awarded one of the four nominees.

Lachie is a born and bred Katunga junior who exhibits passion, dedication, speed and skill. He has the ability to find the football in space, cover ground with leg speed, poise and elite ball use. Lachie is an excellent listener and a very committed footballer, who has worked hard to develop his muscle mass and power, to combine with his natural speed and flare which make him a very exciting player to watch.

Bailey was introduced to senior football in 2019 via the substitution rule as a 15 year old playing predominantly on a wing or forward flank. Bailey is a naturally talented youngster having previously been a member of Academy and Bushranger squads. Bailey leads up well, has a strong marking ability and a beautiful left kick which has seen him hitting the scoreboard regularly.

Congratulations Lachie and Bailey!

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