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First XVIII Debut Game

Ethan Davies has been a standout player to watch in recent years. Despite a knee injury and a disrupted first year in the thirds, it was evident how important football was to him as he worked hard to make a comeback. Last year, he had a consistent season and emerged as a key player in the thirds, excelling in the half-back and midfield positions. His speed, endurance, precise kicking, and ability to impact games were notable qualities. He also showcased his versatility by occasionally moving forward and making an impact in that area, demonstrating his football intelligence and ability to score goals.


His efforts were recognized when he was awarded the "most promising junior" after the season. In this preseason, he has elevated his game even further by attending every senior and thirds training session and being appointed as a co-captain of the thirds team. We wish Ethan all the best as he prepares for his first of many senior games to come.

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