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First XVIII Debut

This weekend we welcome another exciting junior product, Aiden Harris, who has worked his way through the juniors to earn his spot in the Seniors side. In Aiden’s first year of Thirds he was awarded “Most Promising Junior” for his capabilities of being about to play either end of the ground, his ability to read the play and his cleanliness when the ball goes to ground. In his second year he put his head down and worked hard in the gym to size up and put together a solid preseason, earning himself the Vice Captain role and playing his first sub game. This year he has taken his work rate on and off the field to new level. He has become a daunting opponent when he stands tall at centre half forward, making it difficult for any defender to defend with his ariel ability and strong hands. He is then able to roll in the ruck, giving his on ballers first use with his elite tap work and becoming a 4th onballer with his ability when the ball goes to ground to clean it up and cover the ground for a big key. Aidy is a key utility for the swans moving forward and we look forward to seeing what he is capable of in the future at Katunga! Well done Aidy terrific work, enjoy your game!

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