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“End the Cowards Punch” Round – Putting an end to One Punch attacks!

Frighteningly, one punch is all it takes to kill someone or leave them with a life-changing injury.

When someone’s head is punched, the impact makes their brain hit their skull. The brain may then rebound and hit the other side of the skull – with the “rattling” damaging and tearing the soft tissue.

Inflicting death and countless life-altering injuries, the Coward Punch is a serious and widespread problem in Australia.

The Pat Cronin Foundation raises funds to "provide education, strategies and resources to empower young people so that together we can stop violence and end the cowards punch".

We can all support this cause by:

  • Purchasing raffle tickets at the gate on Saturday at Berrigan

  • Donating to the blanket run at half time of the seniors

  • All footballers will wear Burgandy/Gold armbands and netballers Burgandy/Gold ribbons supplied on game day.

The message of the day is respect for other people, and we’re asking all players to shake the hands of their opponents before and after each game as one simple gesture of this.

For more information visit

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