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Demi Hendy - 17/U PDFNL B&F Winner

From the moment Demi Hendy started her netball career, at a very young age, you knew she was going to be something special. Born and bred in the red and white Demi Hendy displays maturity on the court well beyond her years. Whilst still eligible for the 13/Unders Demi stepped up to the 17/Unders with confidence and proved why she’d been chosen, claiming the Runners Up Best and Fairest and finishing in the top 10 players within the league. Last year she skipped the 15/Unders as well to once again be playing in the 17/Unders team. Demi displayed exceptional passion, skills and commitment to learn in the preseason and was asked to train alongside the A grade team making her debut at just 14 years of age. In 2021 she claimed the R/U club award and finishing 6th in the league count.

A member of both the 17/U’s and A grade team Demi has had a stellar season refining her craft in the WA position and proving just how instrumental that position can be. She exhibits excellent speed and has a natural ability to read the ball and pick off intercepts across the court.

Demi has been a regular member of PDFNL representative teams for many years as well as selected in a number of Academy Squads.

Congratulations Demi, an award incredibly well deserved!

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