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Debut Game

Leadership can be hard to come by, but it comes naturally to Michael van den Goor! We welcome Michael to the senior side, who is a born and bred Swan. Michael has had a tough start to his footy career. After suffering a serious hip injury as a kid, Michael made a remarkable comeback. He is an in-and-under midfielder, known for his pressure and ability to feed the ball to outside players. Additionally, he can break lines and create space with his high work rate while remaining disciplined and not giving his opponent an inch on turnovers.

Michael has received high praise for his leadership. He is a player who puts everyone before himself, directs his teammates around the ground, gets them into position, and always encourages and leads from the front. Michael has had to work hard to get into the senior side, and it’s a credit to his character that he has stuck with it and persevered. Awesome work and best of luck, Michael!

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