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Debut Game

This week we reward another junior, Ben Arho, who has put plenty of work in this preseason, joining in with the seniors and hitting the gym behind the scenes. From a young age, Ben has showed signs of growing into a key forward with his strong hands, long reach, speed at take-off and quite obviously his size and strength! Ben has taken the initiative with the Thirds, leading by example, talking to and encouraging his teammates, most importantly bringing them into the game by sharing the footy around and rewarding team mates for getting in the right positions. After playing a handful of sub games, Ben has worked hard on the track the past couple of weeks, and this weekend has been picked in the senior side.  Lining up with his old brother Sam, we look forward to seeing the two working together and creating a dangerous duo in years to come! Well done Ben, we look forward to what the future holds for you at the Swans!

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