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500 Club Games

On Saturday the Katunga Football Netball Club will be witness too a piece of history when Rachael Howden steps onto the Netball Court for her 500th Club Game. Yes 500!!

Rach started playing at Katunga in 1987. The passion, determination and commitment she displayed back then is still at the forefront of her game today. Many who have witnessed Rach play, been a team mate, or have had the privilege of being Coached by her have all said the same thing that; her love for the game and Club is evident in everything she does. She is an idol to many and a great leader, providing advice, guidance and support to not only her team mates but all players.

It's not only what Rach does on the court that makes her an absolute legend, it's off it aswell; behind the scenes that only a few people's her running around before her own game to make sure people are registered and have their uniform sorted, it's the time and effort getting the game day rosters organised and then putting her hand up to do whatever else is needed to make sure our club runs effectively and efficiently as it does.

We are so very blessed to have such a valuable person within our Club in more ways than one. Thank you for what you do for this club Rach and a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS on this amazing milestone, we can't wait to celebrate it with you.

At approximately 11.50 on Saturday, there will be a presentation for Rach at the Netball Courts. It would be great to see as many people as possible over there to show their appreciation and admiration.

Overview of Rach’s career and achievements:

Premierships (4)

Played in 10 Grand Finals, won 4.

1990 Midgets, 1992 JJ’s, 1998 A Grade, 2001 A Grade

League Best and Fairest (5)

1990 Midgets, 1992 JJ’s, 1993 Juniors, B Grade 2021 and 2022

Club Best and Fairest (11)

1990 Midgets, 1992 JJ’s, 1993 Juniors

A Grade – 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011

B Grade – 2021 and 2022

R/U Best and Fairest (14)

1989 Midgets, 1991 JJ’s

A Grade – 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2007,

2010 (Congupna), 2018, 2019


Started coaching the 13/Unders as a 15 year old. Coached the 15/U’s to a Grand Final at 17. Have since coached A & B on many occasions.


Stopped playing for 5 years between 2012 to 2016. Traveled to Melbourne weekly to achieve A Grade Badge in 2016. Still continuing to do so to this day, but started back playing in 2017.

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