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350 Senior Games

We start the 2024 celebrating one of our greats, with Dani Henderson playing her 350th Senior Game. Dani's journey with the Swans is a testament to her unwavering dedication and love for the sport. Since the turn of the millennium, she has not only showcased her exceptional talent on the court but also her strategic astuteness, meticulously analysing every match and opponent. Her versatility as a player is remarkable, always willing to tackle any position with full commitment. Her accolades, including multiple Best & Fairest and Runner-Up awards, speak volumes of her prowess, with the highlight being the coveted B Grade Premiership player/coach title in 2019. Beyond the court, Dani's infectious laughter and warmth have made her an integral part of the club's social fabric. Her efforts in fundraising for noble causes are equally commendable. Dani's multifaceted roles, from Secretary to Coach, and her dedication to commemorating the club's milestones, truly enrich the Swans' legacy. The club indeed shines brighter with Dani's presence, and her recent achievement is a celebration of her extraordinary contribution to our wonderful club. Congratulations, Munaz, on this outstanding 350 senior game milestone!

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