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3 Cheers to our Umpires, Timekeepers, Scorers, Runners and Water Carriers

Some of the most crucial roles on game day but often the most trying!  Every week we need to provide central umpires, goal umpires, boundary umpires and netball umpires, along with timekeeper and scorers for every grade and of course the all-important water carriers to keep the players hydrated and runners to get the messages out from the coaches.

Umpires are required to make thousands of split-second decisions not only around the area of play but also off the ball.  So will they get every single decision correct, probably not, (let’s face it, even with the benefits of video replay, not everyone will agree or have the same opinion), but they will be doing their best and calling it as they see it. There aren’t too many players that step out onto the field or court and don’t make a mistake throughout the day, let’s face it, we are all human.  Our umpires show leadership, display courage and deserve respect! Umpiring can be a thankless role, which is all the more reason for us individually and collectively to take the time to say thank you!

A massive shout out to our magnificent umpires (central, boundary, goal, netball) who regularly volunteer their time – without you the game simply couldn’t happen! Aaron Fisher, Abbie Smith, Ash Weeks, Brett Dixon, Chelsea Winn, Chloe Smith, Chunk Henderson, Dani Henderson, Deb Farrell, Eloise Kelly, Emma Griffiths, Fred Russo, Greg Rogers, Jade Doyle, Jarrod Rankin, Jodie Carkeek, Josh Tetley, Kellie Salter, Lisa Baker, Madalene Griffiths, Rach Howden, Sarah Weidemann, Shanel Few, Sheralee Newman, Tamika Mayes, Tim Few. We also thank all the 17/Under netballers who are rotating through this year giving umpiring the 11/Unders a go and our Thirds and Fourths players who rotate through boundary umpiring.  And we cannot forget the work of coordinating the umpires each week from Chloe Smith, Ash Howden and Tim Few – thank you!  The ongoing development of our umpires is essential and we sincerely thank Faye Cook, Kellie Salter, Lisa Baker and Chloe Smith for their work in this area.

Our scorers and timekeepers also have a very important job and we thank all players and parents who take their turn on these duties when rostered.  We are incredibly fortunate to have the legendary Dennis Learmonth who travels to every home and away game and timekeeps both the Reserves and Seniors.  Another one of our magnificent Life Members who has no family playing at the club but still continues to stay involved.  Thank you also must go to Russell ‘Burra or Cookie’ Cook who you’ll find in ‘Cookie and Harro’s Cabin’ and his helpers keeping the scoreboard ticking over each home game. The question remains will he be able to learn the latest technology when the electronic scoreboard is finished in the coming weeks!

The support of the runners and water carriers is another fundamental role of the game and once again we say thank you to all the players who take their turns to run the water and to the injured players we’ve had also fill these roles regularly ~ it’s great to have you staying involved!  Aiden Harris, Bailey Smith, Darcy Laffy, Josh Howden, Josh Tetley, Scott Newbery, Tim Few, Tony Harris, Xav Downs thank you!

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