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3 Cheers for our Trainers

There are so many things which go on behind the scenes to ensure the club runs smoothly and everything is in order for game day. To continue our ‘3 Cheers for our Volunteers’ in recognition of National Volunteer Week we pay tribute to our amazing trainers ~ Joe Few, Steven John, Chris Bethell, Chris Kelly, Deb Farrell and Rachel Lowden. 


Our trainers do their absolute best to ensure there is someone at training each Tuesday and Thursday night for anyone who needs taping, a rub or an injury concern that needs looking at. On Saturdays at least one of them is one of the first to arrive at the grounds (home or away) with the trailer on board, stocked full of all the first aid supplies.  Keeping on top of the tape, defibrillator batteries and pads, bandages and assorted other medical supplies is another job that this awesome team of volunteers look after.  Having tidied it up after everyone else has left and picked up all the lost property they are then the last to leave the rooms, trailer onboard again to head home.


We are so lucky to have such a great group of experienced volunteers who give up their time to help us all get out on the field/courts each week.  Joe Few alone has dedicated over 40 years to the club as a trainer and Johnsy and Skeet both into double figures as well.  It’s been fabulous to have Chris, Deb and Rachel join the crew in more recent years to help lighten the load. 


So, the next time you are getting strapped, a rub or just passing by one of the crew be sure to shake their hand, pat them on the back and say, ‘Thank you’!


Have you got a first aid certificate?  Maybe know CPR?  Perhaps you’re a nurse, physio, massage therapist?  Or maybe no experience – but keen to learn?! We’d always love more volunteers to join this group and help spread the load.  Our dedicated team will help show you the ropes and as a club we’ll support you to get the training needed.

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