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3 Cheers for our Committee

Continuing our ‘3 Cheers for our Volunteers’ in recognition of National Volunteer Week we pay tribute to our committee members for the ongoing direction and leadership they provide across all areas of the club.  For the committee there really isn’t a start and end of the season, it’s 12 months of planning and implementing measures to ensure the sustainable future of the club.  There are many duties covered by the committee, some of which include:-

·         Ensuring relevant laws and legislation is complied with;

·         Ensuring the club is run according to the relevant rules (constitution), purpose, strategic direction, policies and procedures are followed;

·         Overseeing the financial affairs of the club;

·         Creating a positive club culture and ensuring expectations are met;

·         Ensuring the sporting, competitive and social needs of members are met;

·         Communicating with members.

Our committee consists of a broad range of people, all who have a varied history and association with the club which helps to ensure we are looking at all matters from different perspectives to help achieve the best result.  Our club is skilfully lead by Stacey Weeks as our President who also co-coaches our C and C Res teams, playing within the C grade team.

Ash Howden is our Football Vice President, as well as our Recruiting Manager, Seniors Team Manager and has the fun job of washing the seniors and reserves playing kit jumpers each week. Ash has a proud history with the club having played over 200 First XVIII games, 300+ open age games and was awarded Life Membership in 2014.

Sheralee Newman stepped into the Netball Vice President role last year, having previously been a member of the committee in 2021.  Sheralee is an experienced senior netballer having played over 170 senior games and is one of the formidable defenders in the C grade lineup.

Rach Howden fills the Secretary role and has been doing so for 15 years.  Rach looks after various functions which include our registrations, memberships, rosters, netball dresses, website, social media, playing history and more.  Having just ticked over game 500 last year, Rach is a Club and League Life Member, A grade badged umpire, a co-coach of our C and C Res teams and playing within the C grade team this year.

Our Assistant Secretary is Sarah ‘Weasel’ Weidemann.  Since joining the swans in 2019 Weasel has been an outstanding contributor on and off the court bringing fresh ideas and a renewed enthusiasm to our social functions.  Sarah is also our Coach of the 17/U’s netball team, PDFNL representative netball coach and public relations officer.

Nicole Smith is our trusty Treasurer, keeping on top of our financial affairs.  When not juggling our income and expenditure, Nicole is our Merchandise queen and looks after the monetary side of our memberships and sponsorships.

Fred Russo is our amazing Sponsorship Manager and has a long association with the Swans having played over 300 games.  Freds passion and experience is a great asset within the club and committee.  Fred coordinates our Sunday clean ups and you will always find Fred back at the rooms after everyone else has left, cleaning up and ensuring everything has been locked up securely.

Tim Few is a stalwart of the club having been born with the red and white flowing through his veins.  As a past senior coach and having played over 300 First XVIII games as well as 400+ club games, Tim’s knowledge and expertise made him the perfect fit to be our Director of Football.  Tim’s commitment to aligning a unified structure to promote retention, development and growth has been second to none.  Tim is also a League and Club Life Member and has been running the Auskick program for a number of years which holds our up and coming youngsters in great stead.

Tom Van de Berg is our Grants Officer and works diligently to apply for any available grants.  There is a great amount of research required to give us the best chance of being successful before submitting a grant application.  Tom has played over 160 open age football games and is one of our Reserves Coaches.

Chloe Smith is one of our under 30 committee members and our Netball Umpire Coordinator as well as a regular umpire herself.  Chloe has always been a fabulous volunteer having previously been recognised as Junior Club Person of the Year on multiple occasions and has stepped up to playing B grade this year.

Chris Bethell rejoined the committee this year after taking a couple of years off due to work commitments.  Chris is one of our trusty trainers who does a power of work behind the scenes and has been one of the leading chargers behind the inaugural Community Autumn Carnival which will be held this Sunday and promises to be a great day!

Xav Thorp joined the committee this year as another of our under 30 committee member.  Xav’s dedication and passion for the club is second to none.  Into his fourth year as the Thirds coach Xav has earned the respect of his players and parents alike and last year was very deservedly awarded the PDFNL junior coach of the year. A admired leader, Xav is our captain of the Seniors and recently played his 100th First XVIII game.

Also joining the committee this year has been Scott Newbery. The Newbery family have always been happy to step in and help out wherever needed and it’s been great to have fresh ideas and opinions join the committee.

Eloise Kelly rounds out our committee as another under 30 representative. Elo has been an up and coming umpire for many years now and this year was awarded her C grade badge.  Elo has stepped up into the B grade this year and continues to develop her netball.

As you can see, many of our committee members wear multiple hats and we thank them all.  If you have an area of expertise and think you there is a role that you may be able to fill to help lighten the load please contact any one of the committee, we’d love to hear from you.

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