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3 Cheers for our Coaches and Team Managers

Our Coaches and Team Managers play a pivotal role in all sporting clubs, and we are incredibly fortunate to have a group of very experienced and talented coaches leading our teams.  And of course, where would they be without the behind the scenes work of our all our Team Managers, keeping on top of the paperwork, awards, votes, rosters, jumpers and more.


Coaching comes with a tremendous responsibility.  They need to be leaders that we respect, look up to, and work towards a common goal.  Coaching is a very rewarding job, but it can also be somewhat stressful at times.  They often need to make tough decisions about selection, positional changes and game time.  The overall aim of junior coaches in particular is to help young people build a love of participating in sport for life-long involvement and social connectiveness. 


Each week our coaches need to plan their training sessions, tailoring the drills to meet individual and team needs.  Reflecting on the game the week before and identifying areas for improvement or turning their focus to the upcoming game and what the opposition may be bringing to the table that needs to be considered. 


Coaches have a major influence on the holistic development and social skills of their team members and can leave lasting impact on a player's life.  Everyone learns differently, some players are naturally talented, some need to work that bit harder to succeed and some don’t really mind they just want to be involved and have fun.  It can be a balancing act to cater to all skill levels. 


All our coaches are accredited and work hard to build trust with their players, show that they care, communicate effectively and motivate their team. 

To our coaches – Nick Flanagan, Brad Crowther, Aimee Sidebottom, Tom Van de berg, Rob Harris, Dani Henderso, Stacey Weeks, Kate Towe, Rach Howden, Xavier Thorp, Bailey Smith, Sarah Weidemann, Georgia Carkeek, Abbie Smith, Tayla Smith, Barney Garner, Tanya Neyland, Chunka Henderson, Mick Boase, Michelle McCracken, Tim Few, Erryn Marks, Kimberley Van de Berg, we say THANK YOU!

To our team managers – Ash Howden, Kellie Salter, Michael Robertson, Jodie Carkeek, Georgia Carkeek, Julie Jenner, Carol Storer, Kynan Bethell, Karlene Bethell, Kirsten Rogers, Paul Altoft, Dani Henderson, Malinda Rankin ~ THANK YOU!

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