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250 Club and 100 Open Age Games

Congratulations to Kevin van den Goor who will play his 250th Club game and 100th Open age game against Rennie.  Kev has been unable to fully commit to his football this season with other priorities taking his focus and delaying the achievement of this significant milestone.  A player who can be played in several positions Kevin has shown his resilience and pushed through injuries when the team needed him. Kevin is known to be as good in the air as he is on the ground and has been a major contributor to the Swans rise towards the upper echelon of the PDFNL ladder. Kevin had a breakout year in 2019 finishing runners up in the Best and Fairest award, he has the ability to position himself at stoppages and is willing to get behind the football when needed.  His ability to kick the ball accurately being a key feature rarely missing a target. Congratulations on this milestone Kev, although we wish you all the best with your move to the west, we look forward to seeing you back in the red and white on your return.

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