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200 Club Games

The measure of success of a football club is often judged by way of win loss ratios and premiership success. If a club was judged on producing young leaders of the highest quality the KFNC would have to be considered a big winner! Xavier Thorp has grown up around the club from infancy and played footy for Katunga since fourths. From that time Xavier has progressed through the age groups always displaying a team first attitude. This attribute saw him awarded the prestigious “Jake O’Hara Best Team Player” consecutively and he now captains the 1st XVIII at the young age of 23. Not only has Xav commanded respect from his coaches, teammates and club people, he has voluntarily taken on the role of our Thirds coach for the last two years. He has successfully improved and developed the group to the point of being a genuine contender for finals success. Along with Xavier taking on these leadership roles he also performs extremely well when it comes to the game of football. He regularly figures in the 1st XVIII best players doing so by using his key attributes of accurate kicking, ability to run and carry and perform pressure acts such as tackling and spoiling of which he does by habit. Xav has followed in his father Tony’s footsteps in the coaching game and shows capability of being a future senior coach due to his desire to get the absolute best out of himself, his player group and the care and support he offers to the players he coaches. He also has a very good football brain and thrives in the midst of high pressure. He has gained huge wraps for the genuine care he shows to his players not only at training and on game day but by supporting his young players through emotional events and situations. We are very lucky to have young leaders such as Xav that lead by example and show a genuine love of the club! Xavier’s 200 club games are testament to his commitment and dedication to the KFNC Swans and we look forward to a long and successful football playing and coaching career in the red and white! Congratulations Xav ~ enjoy your game!!

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