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100 Club Games

Batten down the hatches, get the street parade organised and why not declare a Public Holiday while we are at it; Our A Grade coach Aimee Sidebottom has finally reached her 100th club game. To say she has been waiting for this moment is an understatement.

Aimee joined Katunga in 2016 with a determination to succeed like no other. She has been a force in the goal ring for many years with the versatility to run through the mid court and even spent the odd game in the defensive ring. Her experience and knowledge has been extremely beneficial to not only the A Grade sides she has coached but to many players across all grades including the Net Set Go children. This season she is also Co Coaching our 17/U’s and 15/U’s as well as the 17/U Interleague Representative side. In 2022 she was awarded the inaugural PDFNL Coach of the year. Congratulations Sidey, all the best for Saturday.

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